Golden Moments in Sponsorship

There are some sporting moments that are remembered months and even years after they happen. Iconic moments that are ingrained into history forever. While these moments can be good or bad, depending on the team you support, they still go down in history.


In football, if an amazing goal happens, it’s likely to become one of those memorable moments. A moment fans can look back on years later and be prideful of the team they support.

Now, what if your business could be part of that magic? With sponsorship, that is possible!

When sponsoring a team, depending on what is agreed, a business will have its name on the jersey, have signage within the stadium or much more!

In some cases, a business will have its name printed on the backdrop boards used in post-match interviews. As interviews are often repeated days after the game, the amount of people seeing your business’s name will be increased.

So, why is this impactful?

This is impactful as you’re not only seen just by fans in attendance, if the game is televised your business’s name will be visible on screens nationwide, possibly even internationally depending on the scale of the game.

If a memorable, iconic moment occurs, it will be remembered and repeated for years to come. With a sponsor’s brand name being present, they are immortalised as part of that moment. There are countless times when football moments went viral on the internet, with sponsorship you could be part of that!

With the popularity of reaction channels on Youtube and channels that compile the best moments of that week, there’s an even wider audience for branding to be seen. Thanks to social media, these clips have the opportunity to be shared countless times, amounting millions of views, allowing that brand exposure to continue for years to come!

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