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SponsorHut is an online platform linking teams, charities, events and individuals seeking sponsorship with businesses who are looking to sponsor.

A team, charity, individual or event pays to place an ad on the website which businesses are then able to view and get in touch if they’re interested. Depending on the tier of advert purchased, SponsorHut will also post details of the ad on the social media channels to further market the opportunity.

It costs as little as £10 a month to post an ad on SponsorHut.

No, Sponsorhut is simply a platform for you to advertise your opportunity to a wide selection of potential sponsors. The better you make your ad and the more exposure the sponsor will get will increase your chances of attracting great sponsors.

Nothing! It’s free for a business to register and search for opportunities to sponsor. However, we do have a paid option for businesses so they can post their own ads about what they could offer instead of cash sponsorship e.g. they could offer a team from the business to go and paint a clubhouse as a team build or as part of the companies CSR strategy.

It costs as much as your budget allows. We don’t put any price stipulations in place so there can be opportunities at all price points.

Giving sponsorship is beneficial as it helps provide funding that is vital for the development and progression of an individual, team, charity or event.

Providing sponsorship can help boost the public perception of your business, it can also increase your brand awareness as your business name and logo will be more visible, further benefits can be negotiated with the sponsee.

Corporate social responsibility – The ISO 2600 Official Definition Of CSR is “The responsibility of an organization for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment, resulting in ethical behavior and transparency which contributes to sustainable development, including the health and well-being of society; takes into account the expectations of stakeholders; complies with current laws and is consistent with international standards of behavior; and  is integrated throughout the organization and implemented in its relations.”

Yes, we are happy to provide a discount to charities. A charity should contact us at hello@sponsorhut.com and we can issue a discount code. 

Through our contact us page on the website or by emailing hello@sponsorhut.com

Yes! Send us an email to hello@sponsorhut.com with your contact information and what you would like to discuss and we’ll be in touch

Yes! Send us an email to hello@sponsorhut.com with your contact information and what you would like to discuss and we’ll be in touch

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